About Complete Trivia

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Complete Trivia is an Australian trivia quiz provider who supplies trivia packages to clubs and pubs.

Three different trivia quizzes.

We provide three different trivia quizzes. Complete Trivia is our original and most challenging quiz, one with a decent jackpot, for people who are good at trivia. Quiz Wiz Trivia is our social quiz, with six fast paced topical rounds, where a good guess or two might tip the score to win the night. Memory Lane Trivia is our seniors quiz, with song clues and trivia questions from way back when, to evoke sweet memories.

Good blend of easy and hard .

Each quiz mix of trivia questions, famous faces, original riddles and sound clues is balanced for gender and age differences, for difficulty level and Australian state. Our trivia has just the right blend of easy and hard questions from popular culture and current events. Just enough “stretch your memory” questions so people struggle to recall well known sports, movies, and music events from last week, last olympics and last century.  Every trivia quiz covers a  wide variety of topics so no team wins consistently every week.

New current questions every week.

New current questions are written for every quiz each week.  Questions from the bank are fact checked before they go to the host, which eradicates any possible errors caused by ongoing  record changes.  Complete Trivia quizzes are as close to never wrong as you can get.

Professional hosts who entertain.

Complete Trivia hosts are selected from public speaking entertainers who are well organized. Our hosts like to make people from all walks of life laugh, relate to different members on their team and players from other teams. People have fun. The host bonds with the team players, so players come back to your venue and play again.

Trivia nights are social and fun.

Trivia exercises your memory, but saving your memory or winning a prize is a bonus. People attend trivia nights to be social,  its just fun. Without a great trivia quiz – people often won’t bother going out on a week night at all. They’ll be watching the box. We pride ourselves on keeping it consistently interesting.  Complete Trivia have venues running our quizzes, that have done so for over ten years.

Trivia players support your venue.

It’s great to have weekend entertainment to attract people for one night to your venue. Its even better for your venue to run a weekly trivia service  where every week, people come on the same night, eat a meal and buy some drinks. Players bring their family and their friends. Some come fortnightly, some monthly, but they all keep coming back, year after year.

We support new venues for the first few weeks, but your trivia players will support your venue for years. They’ll see a poster for live entertainment on the weeked while they are there. They’ll stay on and play the pokies.  All that’s needed for a venue to keep a quiz night well attended is to feature it on your website, in your social media and in your monthly magazine. If you run a venue that can profit from gaining a loyal regular crowd every week, we’d love to hear from you.

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